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Nokia Wroclaw Layoffs

Welcome to Workbase: A New Beginning for Former Nokia Employees

At Workbase, we understand that the recent layoffs at Nokia have been challenging for many talented professionals. We want to offer our support and extend a warm welcome to those seeking new opportunities.

Workbase, based in the vibrant city of Wroclaw, is actively looking for skilled individuals to join our dynamic team. We value the expertise and experience that Nokia employees bring, and we are excited to help you take the next step in your career.

Join us at Workbase, where many of your former colleagues have already found rewarding positions. We are committed to creating a supportive and innovative environment where you can thrive.

Discover new possibilities with us – your journey continues here at Workbase.

What awaits you with us

Great Working Atmosphere

Flat Hierarchies

Secure Workplace

Independent Work

Fair Management

Transparent Feedback Culture

Above Average Wage

Performance Incentives

Regular Team Events

Currently open positions

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👋 Working at Workbase

We work together to achieve our high goals. To do this, it is important to deliver work at the highest level every day. Everyone is loyal to the team, honest and direct - but always friendly. 

You'll fit in with us if you.... You like to accept criticism in order to improve yourself, you prefer to work with clear structures and according to precise specifications, and you enjoy taking on your responsibilities.

Does this appeal to you? Then click on the job description that best suits you and apply now! 

Our offices

Wrocław Office

Join us in Wroclaw, where our office's modern design and advanced equipment meet unmatched convenience just off the highway. A straightforward work environment that enables efficiency and growth. English is our main language here.

📌 Address Ślężna 104, 53-111 Wrocław

Free Parking, Easy public transport access

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